Our manufactured and distributed roofing and siding products

Roofing, ventilation, metal siding, ventilation products, fastening rails… From building custom parts and accessories to distributing generic products, we have everything you need to get the leg up on any construction site and make your next project a success! High-quality products tailored to suit your unique needs—when you need them—that’s the Multi-Moulures guarantee!

Whether you are a contractor, a roofer or a tinsmith, we have everything you need to make your next project a breeze! Contact us today. Our experts would be happy point you in the right direction and get you exactly what you need.

Our roofing products and accessories

Replacing your roof? Waterproofing, draining or aesthetic finish. No matter what type of roofing work you need to do, we have the products that you need!

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Everything ventilation

Any well-thought-out construction or renovation project plans for adequate ventilation. At Multi-Moulures, we get it! Whether you are ventilating the attic or the plumbing, it is essential to choose premium products that will last.

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Metal siding and fastening rails

Is your client’s project highly complex? We have what it takes to make any dream a reality—and at the best prices! No project is too complex or unconventional for us. From metal closers to unions, to edge mouldings and Z, U, L and Omega-shaped fastening bars, we offer everything you need for a strong, durable installation.

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Our mainstream distributed products

Have a construction project on the go? Some hardware products, parts and accessories are essential on a construction site, even if they require customization. Make your life a little bit easier by choosing our convenient products!

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We have what you need! No matter how complex or unconventional your needs, our team of experts is well-versed in the art of customer service and is up for any challenge!