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At Multi-Moulures, we don’t just stop at bending sheet metal. We can also punch it, for a genuinely ready-made experience. We are truly leading the way in bending, cutting and punching sheet metal, and we manufacture a wide range of products, parts and accessories designed with roofing and siding projects in mind. Over the years, we have adapted our production to meet your needs, and are proud to be a part of some of your most exciting projects.

The Multi-Moulures

What sets us apart? Our production time, our extreme flexibility, our team of expert advisors and our constant desire to go above and beyond for you, our customers! No matter how complex or unique your needs, we’ll make sure that each project comes to life in an impressive array of colours, and at the best prices!

The ordering process

A well-established reputation

More than 28 years of unparalleled service really adds up! The biggest construction companies trust us, and we don’t disappoint. Whether you are a contractor or a roofer, we are here to help you tackle any construction challenge with confidence. 

Do you work on your own clock? Our line of standard products is perfect for home renovations and is available at most major retailers. If you want to make sure that the job is done right, look for the Multi-Moulures brand at your nearest reputable home improvement store.

A team of specialized experts that care about your project

Contractors, roofers, tinsmiths… You’re in good hands right from day one! Each member of our team is extensively trained in their field of expertise so that they can not only offer you the highest quality results sure to exceed your expectations, but at lightning fast speeds. Smiling, professional, thorough, efficient… Our team is the key to the success of all of your construction projects! 

For sound advice and step-by-step support with planning your project, contact our team of experts…


We have what you need! No matter how complex or unconventional your needs, our team of experts is well-versed in the art of customer service and is up for any challenge!